Recently we continued our journey in South America, leaving Colombia into Ecuador. As most all of you know, we live by helping those along the way or during our adventure. When riding in Ecuador we noticed a mother and her child in the middle of the road in a remote area broken down and attempting to fix their car. We pulled over, introduced ourselves, and asked how we could assist. After an hour of Dennis Godwin’s mechanical magic, the car started to run again. But during all this time, we had a moment to learn about their story and met Samantha.

Samantha is diagnosed with Leukemia, which is a cancer of blood tissues that reduces the body’s ability to fight infections. Her and her mother travel 3 times a week driving 4-5 hours each way just so that Samantha can receive the proper chemotherapy treatment. When meeting Samantha and receiving updates through WhatsApp from her mother, her spirit is courageous and gentle all while carrying a smile thats contagious. After learning her story and about the multiple weekly commutes, we couldn’t just stop at fixing their car. We are raising money to buy a car for them so that Samantha can get to her treatments and kick cancer’s butt! Our goal is $7,500 USD and any left over proceeds will go directly to helping Samantha’s treatment. Please make the donation and select Samantha’s Chemo Transportation.

If you have any questions about the story please feel free to drop us a question under the contact form!